UNR Researchers Study Crops That Could Be Used For Beer

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Original Article from 2News by Paul Nelson

Researchers with the University of Nevada’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources say sorghum holds the answers to the production of drought-resistant crops.

The crop originated in Africa, so they say it is suited for Nevada’s climate. Researchers have planted 400 varieties of sorghum at the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station Newlands Research Center in Fallon. They say finding sustainable crops is important.

“Especially in Nevada where we have high heat stress, high salinity stress,” John Baggett, UNR Biotechnical PHD Candidate said. “We’re really looking for crops that are maintainable and sustainable with the changing environment.”

Researchers say sorghum is not only sustainable but it is versatile. It is known as a dual purpose crop because the stocks can be used for livestock feed and the grain can be used for human consumption. One of those uses is craft breweries and distilleries.


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September 26, 2019

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