Chef Ranveer Brar talks about sustainable cooking by using alternate grains like amaranth & millets

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Chef Ranveer Brar prepares Lobster Barnyard Millet Biryani for his masterclass at the recent India International Hospitality Expo 2019.

At the India International Hospitality Expo being held at Greater Noida, where Chef Ranveer Brar rustled a delicious Lobster Barnyard Millet Biryani. With all the seats full, people happily stood on the sidelines to see him work his craft, seasoning it with valuable insights on grains like millets, ragi, amaranth, his latest travels to mountains, and life. “I will today talk about moving alternate grains to the centre of the plate. Our obsession with rice, and wheat often overshadows the nutritional bombs the alternate grains are. They are full of anti-oxidants; our elders understood it so well that they made it an important part of their diets: rajgira ladoos, millet khichdi, All of us here must resolve to eat less wheat and rice, and more millets, rajgira, ragi etc. These times are about sustainable cooking and healthy eating.” he says

Read the full article by Chhavi Bhatia in The New Indian Express


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September 5, 2019

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