Recipe by Varshini Viswanathan for Shastha Sunday Samayal


To make Semolina Balls

Kodo millet semolina -1/4 cup

Milk 1 cup

Ghee 1 tsp

Sugar 1/4 cup

To make Rabdi

Milk 1 cup

Water 1/3 cup

Fresh Mango purée -1/2 cup

Elaichi – 1 tsp

Sugar 2tbsp

Chopped Pistachios ,almonds and saffron – as needed for garnishing.


In a pan add the milk, ghee sugar and once it boils add the kodo millet semolina and cook it for 5-7 min until it separates the pan.

Then transfer it to a plate and apply ghee in handsand roll the cooked mixture into balls and flatten it and keep aside.

For the rabdi , in a pan add milk, water, sugar,elaichi and mix nicely.

Now add the flattened semolina balls and cook covered for 10 min.

Add the mango purée to the milk mixture and give a quick boil.

Switch off the stove. Leave it aside for few minutes for the balls to soak nicely.

Garnish with pistachios, almond and saffron.