Ingredients (4 pax)
– 0.5g minced meat not frozen
– handful fresh coriander chopped
– 2medium size onions chopped
– 2leaks leaves chopped
– 1table spoon royco
– 1tea spoon millet flour
– 1tea spoon sorghum flour
– 1table spoon wheat flour
– A pinch of salt and black pepper to taste
– A drop of light soy sauce
– 1clove of garlic
– 1whole fresh egg
– 1red bell pepper
– 200mls – 300mls of cooking oil
– 4medium size sweet potatoes washed and peeled
– 1chicken cube

i. Put minced meat in a clean container and add all the ingredients except cooking oil.
ii. Mix well or toss, divide it into 12 or 16 balls.
iii. Roll them like fingers as you set the sweet potatoes on fire.
iv. Put water as much as required, when ready mash and set aside.
v. Divide it into four portions pan fry or grill the kebabs until done and plate or serve with a sauce of your choice.

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