Zaheerabad Agenda : A solution for Climate Crisis

Deccan Development Society

Zaheerabad Agenda document encapsulates all the knowledge and practices of the farmers in the Zaheerabad Region and this was recognized UN and awarded Equator prize to Deccan Development Society. The Karyakarthas of DDS travelled and met several villages, and met several farmers. After considering the opinions of the farmers and several iterations the Agenda document was developed.

Good morning, Disha & Paaka are really proud to be associated with DDS (Deccan development Society) please watch the above short video. Our backyard models are  proposing ideas, alternatives globally. In these times of crisis, they are becoming more relevant for discussion.

For more details please view video:

Meanwhile, we ll be sending out a link for tomorrow’s pickup and Community Deliveries (Min 10 baskets & a min order value of 500/each Basket.).


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April 15, 2020

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