Top food trends set to take over in 2019


6th May 2019


Think food and we would be lying if we say the images of some drool-worthy dishes don’t invade our mind. Penne arrabbiata pasta, Barbequed chicken, Paneer makhni, Hara-bhara kebab and rumali roti, Double ka meetha, Kheer, Caramel custard… isn’t the name of the dish enough to make your mouth water? But, wait! Let’s check out what are some of the food trends that will be hot in India this year.

Reinventing the old

Indian comfort food is going to be on the rise this year and many people will be looking to make their traditional dishes healthier in order to fit their lifestyle depending on how active they are, thus taking the soul of traditional Indian cooking and making it more suitable to today’s lifestyle.

Sustainability is top priority

In a country with an ever-growing population, sustainability and using local and indigenous produce are an integral aspect for survival and this trend has been gaining popularity over the last few years. This is something that will be become more popular this year, with people looking for local alternatives to popular ingredients.

Vegetarian wonder

Vegetarian food is going to make a big splash this year as a part of sustainable eating as well as a way to improve the diet. There has been an increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan options in the market due to the growing awareness of animal cruelty, and this has led to more people looking to eat more vegetarian and vegan options and more restaurants providing them.


There are a lot of indicators that show that 2019 will be a year for eating home-cooked food, and more people will look at the option of cooking meals by themselves or at home as it is cheaper and healthier than other options that you may find.

Convenience is key

Convenient modes of eating food will see a sharp rise in 2019. For those who are away from home and can’t relish homemade food on a daily basis, food-delivery services and food trucks are a good option. No wonder, these are going to gain further popularity this year; food trucks for the easy-to-eat food that you can eat while on the go and delivery services for the cheap prices and convenience of not having to physically do anything in order to get your food; all you have to do is open the app and place the order.

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May 10, 2019

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