Top 5 reasons to have millets

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Are you a resident of one of India’s sprawling metros? Then you probably would  have heard about Millet beer. Yes, you heard it right! Even alcohol has been given a healthy twist now! Microbrewers have gone against the grain and experimented with finger millet to brew beers. And interestingly, this is steadily finding enthusiastic patrons. With healthy eating becoming increasingly common in millennial vocabulary, metro life has found a healthy tipple to be served on the table. Beer from millets is the talk of the town now and many beer connoisseurs are taking to this new brew with fervour.

For many, a beer brewed from ragi and other millets is the new fad in the growing pub culture which is taking tipplers to new heights but without adding to their waistline which beer guzzlers are fearful of. However, this is not a new concept as it has been a tradition in many African countries and also in parts of Nepal and Bhutan.

While the popular millet of South India (Finger millet) is finding space among the seasonal beers in breweries, there’s much more to add to the plate. Millet, one of the super grains, and an oft-underestimated seed, is packed full of nutritional benefits. We know you’ve heard enough of millets but in this post, we would like to talk a little more about how millets are celebrated across the world for all their benefits.

Considered to be one of the  world’s healthiest foods, millets are composed of 14mg calcium, 0.535mg copper, 3.94mg iron, 119mg magnesium, 1.0002mg manganese, 32.7mcg selenium, 224mg potassium and 285mg phosphorous, per 100 grams. Grown in semi-arid areas of Asia and Africa, these ancient super grains are gluten-free and a repository of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should add millets to your diet and how these humble grains can become nutritional and environment-friendly substitutes on your platter.

Fitness with millets

The digestive tract plays a vital role in your health and an unhealthy digestive system can be the root cause for many health-related issues. Eating a high-fiber diet can soothe your tummy and keep your digestive tract running smoothly. Millets are rich in fiber, easily digestible and help in curing gastrointestinal disorders. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then millets are a great local source of protein for you. Healthy gut, healthy you.

Miracle food for diabetes

If you’re diabetic and in search of the ultimate glycemic-index-friendly food, then your quest for one ends here. Yes, millets can work magic on diabetes. Millets are as versatile as rice and help control Type-2 diabetes. They don’t just help manage diabetes but also cardiovascular diseases. If regulating blood sugar levels is on your mind, then you should definitely try millets.

The best mantra for weight loss

From weight loss to stronger bones, millets can aid in managing your weight. Due to their high fiber content, millets help decrease hunger pangs and keep you from snacking. Are you a weight watcher? Then millets are a good replacement for rice and are beneficial in helping you with losing weight.

Gluten-free, Yay!

The adoption of a gluten-free lifestyle and the consumption of gluten-free foods in recent times has increased significantly. Millets are gluten-free and help reduce the occurrence of celiac disease that can upset the stomach. Cutting out gluten from your diet is no longer a difficult and limiting task. With millets on your plate, a gluten-free diet is no longer a debate.

Get flawless younger looking skin

With aging, maintaining youthful and healthy skin becomes challenging. Millets contain L-lysine and L-proline amino acids that improve skin elasticity. They improve collagen production in the body which tightens the skin thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Millets being full of nutrition can restore youthful looking skin further fighting aging. Craving for a healthy and great looking skin? Try these beneficial grains and your skin will be more beautiful, smooth and radiant than ever.

Owing to its high nutritious value and low glycemic index, millets are now witnessing a resurgence among the health conscious. Millets today have become a part of everyone’s diet. Are you yet to try millets? What are you waiting for? Start creating a taste for millets and allow yourself to enjoy life so much more. They’re good for you, good for the farmer and good for the planet!


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July 10, 2019

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