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01/5Best millets for the winter season

easonal foods are called seasonal for a reason, and no, the reason isn’t as simple as it might seem. Fruits and vegetables available during a particular season are not called ‘seasonal’ only because of their availability, but also because of the way in which they help the body. Fruits and vegetables that are available during the summers are rich in water content, minerals and vitamins that help the body cope up with the dehydration that happens as a result of excessive heat and tiredness. Foods available during monsoon help the body cope up with the increase in humidity and sweating.

02/5Choosing the right foods for winters

Similarly, winters are a trying time during which the body needs insulation and better blood circulation. Due to lack of activity and better insulation needs, people consume more food as a result of which heat is released in the body but this also leads to weight gain, to battle which the body needs foods that help lose weight. Adding millets and grains like maize, jowar and bajra are gluten free and help the body by providing various health benefits and aiding weight loss. Here are three millets that are fit for consumption during winters.


Bajra or pearl millet is rich in protein that helps the body build muscle mass. Lean muscle mass aids weight loss and is a marker of a healthy body. Fiber present in bajra is soluble in water and forms a gel-like substance that settles in the stomach and helps one feel fuller for longer. The fiber also helps digestive processes and metabolism because of which weight loss becomes convenient. Bajra also helps regulate blood glucose levels and cholesterol. With its numerous health benefits and heating affinities, bajra is a suitable option to embrace during the winter.


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April 20, 2022

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