The Tale of Mighty Millet for a Mighty People

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What grain can grow in spite of enduring some of the harshest arid conditions? That’s the mighty millet! Just like me, millet is originally from Africa purportedly from Ethiopia. Millet can be found eaten by many people from Kenya, Uganda to Nigeria. Millet is a food staple among the Fulani people of Nigeria which is the top producer on the continent. Millet comes in many forms from finger millet to pearl millet and grows quicker than any grain.

Typically known as bird food in America or to fill bean bags, millet has gained popularity in the West due to the rise of Celiac disease. For alternatives to wheat, the hunt for gluten-free grains such as teff, quinoa, to sorghum is in effect. Millet makes for a great breakfast porridge and ground millet is a good base for baked goods or breads.

The many miracles of millet include protecting you from diabetes, heart disease, cancer risk and digestive trouble. Also millet helps to detoxify the body, boost respiratory health, optimize your immune system, increase your energy levels, and improve your muscle and nerve health. Millet matures in about 65 days, quicker than many grains.

Eating foods like millet are high in insoluble fiber and a good source of the minerals  such as copper, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium. Millet has stood the test of time and so will Africans!

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March 1, 2019

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