The millet man: How a young man’s idli business turned into a global sensation

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The queue will start in front of this idli shop before sunrise. Idli cooked at the ‘Vasena Poly’ roadside stall in MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam is not an ordinary idli but is made from eight packs of nutritious cereals. Each idli is cooked wrapped in a special type of leaf. Behind that taste is the craft of a young man, and a big dream he had.
Chittem Sudheer, a young man, started this new venture for the welfare of farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Sudhir’s stall was recently visited by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu after he tweeted about the taste of this idli made by roasting small grains. Venkaiah Naidu described Chittam Sudhir as an entrepreneur. Here is his story of being a culinary expert and about his delicious idlis which wowed even the Vice President of India.

Taste and care for the farmers

Sudheer started this rare restaurant in September 2018 with an investment of Rs 50,000. He named his shop Vasena Poli’ (meaning ‘alternative idlis’). Sudhir holds a master’s degree in economics. He also learned about organic farming. For two years, he interacted more with farmers and tribals in the north of Andhra Pradesh. That is from where he understood the bene ts and strengths of small grains.

Although nutritious, sadly not many people are unaware of the value of these grains. In fact the ones who are aware of it do not use it in their everyday cooking. He was wondering how to bring it to the city. Sudheer had already decided that he did not need to watch any YouTube videos to prepare various delicacies adding these grains. He was keener on experimenting with his own recipes. And experts from the University of Andhra Pradesh and the Center for Small Grain Research have given ‘tips’ on how to avoid losing its nutritional value.


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April 18, 2022

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