Naro tips farmers on millet, sorghum

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The National Agricultural Research Organisation (Naro) has pledged to support the different government institutions involved in large scale food production as an intervention to curb the growing hunger in northern Uganda.

While talking to the media on Wednesday, during a technical review session on the research project for finger millet, pearl millet and sorghum on going at National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute (NaSARRI) in Serere District, the Director General of Naro, Dr Ambrose Agona said that the research station is ready to provide the support that the institutions need to produce enough food.

Food production
“We have the capacity to provide the necessary support to all institutions involved in food production to enable the country raise enough food to feed the people. We have done research on different seeds with several varieties that also include those early maturing gene types needed in drought stressed areas,” Dr Agona said.

Dr Agona added that all the Naro stations especially NaSARRI have developed multiple crops varieties that can survive in the semi-arid regions such as Karamoja, Teso where hunger has claimed several lives.

“The region predominantly survives on crops such as sorghum, millet and wheat on which the station in Serere has done extensive research and developed several breeds that are resistant to harsh climate, pests and diseases,” he said.


Dr Agona added that the institute needs support to produce and distribute the new varieties of crops to the farmers, a strategy that can address the food security challenges.

“Scientists in Serere have extensively done research on these crops and produced new breeds that need to reach the farmers. These new breeds such as sorghum and millet can stand the tests of drought, but also address famine and nutritional security,” says Dr. Agona


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August 9, 2022

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