Month-long biodiversity festival begins in Telangana’s Sangareddy district

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Read full article by Ch Sujshil Rao @ Times of India Photo Credit: TOI

A month-long biodiversity festival which focuses on educating people about the importance of seeds, organic
farming and benefits of millets, began on Friday in Sangareddy district. The festival will travel to 23 villages over the course of one month.

The 21st Mobile Biodiversity Festival of Deccan Development Society, kick started from Shamshallapur village, Nyalkal Mandal, Sangareddy. The festival’ with a new hope and path amidst this pandemic situation, will conclude on February 15 at Machnoor.
Jayasri Cherukuri, co-director, DDS, said that the women of the region were celebrating the festival by engaging in organic farming. “The women driving this are the real catalysts and examples of redefining agriculture and climate change. The festival marks the value and importance of seeds,” he said.

Satheesh, director, DDS, said that over the years the organisation had conveyed to communities that millets were independent of climate change. “Whatever back then was not welcomed, today it is being looked out and is demanded for, the reason being the Millet Movement,” he said recalling the initiative DDS had taken was not welcomed, today it is being looked out and is demanded fpr, the reason being the Millet Movement”, he said recalling the initiative DDS had taken 20 years ago

Amidst the pandemic, the movement continued by sangham women who did not lose hope and faith in their beliefs and practices and took it forward. The fact that all of us pulled off millet farming even when the mobility was halted shows the value it is giving and the continuous positive impact on climate change,” he said.
Chinna Narsamma, media coordinator, Community Media Trust of DDS, announced the upcoming biannual event of 3rd Jaichandiram Memorial Film Festival to be held on February 13th and invited the rural film makers to send their film entries


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January 18, 2021

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