Millets are the superfood hiding in plain sight. Here’s why and how to incorporate them into your diet

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Adding these non GMO, gluten-free, local grains to your diet can be a gamechanger

Here’s a diet hack hidden in plain sight. Millets: indigenous superfoods packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals that can transform your health. Replace polished rice and refined wheat with these grains and they’ll scrub your insides clean and eliminate the body’s toxic waste. Millets also keep you fuller longer, helping with weight loss, release small quantities of glucose into your bloodstream slowly, promote gut health, and boost immunity by providing you with essential vitamins and minerals.

Dr Khader Valli, India’s millet man, recently discussed their benefits at the Yog Love 2.0 festival, curated by yoga expert Ira Trivedi. “There are three kinds of balance you need for optimum health,” said Valli. “Hormonal and microbial balance (in your gut) as well as the correct levels of glucose. Millets restore balance in all three.

The benefits of millets\
“Millets are genetically suitable for South Asians because they’ve always been available locally,” says Trivedi. “When we eat what makes our genes happy, it unlocks the possibilities of our bodies in a way that isn’t otherwise possible.”

“Millets are also better for the environment. You don’t don’t need a lot of water to grow them, and nor do they destroy the soil in the same way that growing rice or wheat does, making them more sustainable. And unlike the quick-yielding hybrid and GMO varieties of rice and wheat that were introduced to India during The Green Revolution in the Seventies, millets haven’t been genetically modified.”


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July 6, 2021

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