Millet entrepreneur along with 14 other entrepreneurs recognized for breaking the rules of the F&B industry.

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Ikshita Tewari is the co-founder of Nutriplate India, is part of a seven-member startup which has been completely digital so far.

Ikshita Tewari is the co-founder of Nutriplate India, a home-grown business that offers a wide offering of breakfast cereals, healthy namkeens and mixtures, protein powders, low calorie bites and ready-to-eat meals. Their product line is divided under two buckets – healthy packaged goods and healthy cooked meals. Packaged goods include healthy granolas, healthy namkeens and mixtures made from millets, seeds and other superfoods, granola and seeds nourishment balls, millet breakfast flakes, and high protein and diabetic atta. Their cooked products include burgers, wraps, kebabs, salads bowls, and Indian meals to name a few.

“We give a healthy twist to all our recipes by using only millets, multigrains, healthy vegetables etc. in the products. We do not use preservatives in any of our products. Additionally, all Nutriplate products are calorie counted and curated by our nutritionists keeping in mind the nutrients required by our body,” explains Ikshita.


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April 20, 2020

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