MHRD asks states to include millets in midday meals

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The MHRD has told the state governments to send their current food menu for midday meals and to submit an action taken report on instructions to introduce millets. The circular issued by MHRD reads: “Jowar (Great millet), Bajra (pearl millet), Ragi (finger millet), Arke (Kodo millet) are the most prominent millets. Millets are rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron and other minerals which are essential for the growth and development of bones of children. Inclusion of millet and millet based recipe under midday meal scheme will go a long way to address malnutrition. So you are advised to take suitable steps to identify millets as per food habits in your states and include in midday meal in preferred frequency.

Download the D.O. Letter of JS(EE-I) reg. inclusion of millet and millet based receipe under MDMS.(Dt.06-09-2019) here

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September 16, 2019

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