Launching the Millet Song – To Gain!

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A good idea needs strong messages and inspiring champions. The Smart Food initiative has been picking up support from a wide-range of groups – from chefs to bloggers, and from entrepreneurs to politicians. These champions are taking the messages and the idea of Smart Food to wider and newer audience.

Young people are one of the strongest proponents of change in society, especially when it comes to shifting mindsets. And not only are they liking the idea of diversified dietary choices but they are also expressing support!

And what a cool way to express this support than with a song. We are excited to share the Millet Song – To Gain! The song has been composed and sung by Ewan Kromhout who is a student of 12th Grade in the International School of Hyderabad.

“I wrote the song as I feel for the reasons that the Smart Food stands for. Especially it being good for the planet and incomes of small-holder farmers. In our school, as it is located on the ICRISAT campus in Hyderabad, we have been talking about this initiative,” Ewan said on being asked what motivated him.

“As a young person, I felt recording a song that talks about the goodness of Smart Food are a way to spread the message wider among the youth,” he added.

“The recording was done in just a day, and another for the edit. The team from ICRISAT were in this all the way,” he said.

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May 22, 2018

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