Jowa Bix – A patent pending new Smart Food

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Read the original article in CNBC TV 18 ; picture source : True Elements

Sreejith Moolayil shares his journey of developing single-ingredient breakfast bowl – Jowa Bix

Sreejith Moolayil is the co-founder of True Elements wasn’t aware of this life lesson when he started researching the reason for not finding cereals based on millets.

“Growing up in various places in rural South India, I have had my share of exposure to millets but was wondering why we only have artificial-looking extruded millet grains in muesli. We didn’t have a solution to crack it. While trying to understand this challenge better, we started giving this in pieces to nutritional science graduates as part of their internship programme. What we ended up with after a three-year zig-zag journey was a single-ingredient breakfast bowl of ‘Jowa Bix’ which has – Longest bowl life (time before it gets soggy) in the category; No added sugar or sweetener, but still sweet; 100 percent jowar

Jowabix happened when We were looking for a millet breakfast solution which goes with TrueElements brand filter of wholefood and in the process, have a patent pending in our name.


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September 27, 2019

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