Japanese firm to invest in sorghum

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May 23, 2019

Khmer Times

Japanese company Applied Natural Products (ANP) is planning to invest in the production of sorghum silage in Battambang province.

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During a meeting Tuesday with the Ministry of Agriculture, ANP revealed plans to take over a project on sorghum silage production funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The project, which started last year with a budget of $1 million, is implemented by ANC. When it concludes this year, the Japanese company will assume control of production and run it as a commercial operation. . .

The sorghum silage will be used to feed cattle in the domestic market, according to the company.

ANP plans to expand cultivation land to 2,000 hectares that would be farmed by neighbours trained by company experts. It also plans to produce organic fertilizers in the future.

The project is now being implemented on 15 hectares of land owned by CMAC officials in Koas Krolor district, said Heng Ratana, CMAC general director. He said that retired CMAC officials will benefit by selling the grain to the company.

“The company is now conducting a feasibility study and will be operational next year, a year after JICA assistance ends,” he said.

JICA representative Yuji Segoshi told Agriculture Minister Veng Sakhon that the project produced 211 tonnes of sorghum last year. The silage, sold by $70 to $80 per tonne, was used to supply a farm in Phnom Penh. . .

He said production will reach 450 tonnes this year

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June 10, 2019

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