How much benefits of Millets for your healthy life

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Healthy Millets:-

We have been hearing about cereals, whole grains and millets since ancient times. In ancient times these were used in many ways. Gradually they were fell on their knees and we were using white polished rice. There are several benefits to using whole grains on a daily basis. Especially help to deal with life issues. Diarrhea in the current situation due to change in eating habits, diabetes. Blood pressure, etc. are more common in people of all ages and in all places. Types of snacks are available in many parts of the country. Rice and wheat are widely used worldwide. Their production requires a special environment. Non- Cereals that can be grown in any climate should be given priority.

To be increased millets importance:-

There is a need to give a new direction to the development of the country’s food and agricultural sectors. This new definition should take place from a complete shift from rain-fed agricultural lands to rainfed indigenous farming practices. The National Food Security Act should give high priority to whole grains. Cereal cultivation practices are not just about food security. Dada contributes to fodder security, health, nutrition security, water security, crop safety, and environmental safety. These should be the priority crops in the design of the Indigenous Food Safety Act. Public participation of the people, farmer production organizations (FPOs) is everywhere. India is set to make 2018 a National Year of Gains. Considered. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAQ) has declared 2029 to be the International Year of Wilderness, as it is tolerant of water shortages for cereals. This pie is rich in salts and linoleic substances, even where resources are scarce. 7-12% protein, 25% fat, 83-75% carbs, usually found in whole grains. This is why shorts. Is considered a future crop. Contains 15-10 percent name ingredients. These are a salts 2040 warriors are depleting livestock for food. Percentage, iron, caffeine also included. * Births gluten-free nutmeg, calcium wheat, millets as a smart food in rice, snacks, protein, pin chitamines, the same. Bones also contain iron and trace elements. Due to the adequate availability of iron, gourds and rice gutta are many times more nutritious than iron rice in Sajja. Calcium and Magnesium in High * Cereals also contribute to milk production in infancy Are popular. All food grains in copper are high in calcium .

* Korra is high in carbs, These are beautiful for blood sugar See without growing. In addition iron and copper also act as a shield against defects. Especially children, * Copper is high in calcium and sunscreen. Prevent iron deficiency in women and prevent anemia problem
* Samalu millets look for vitamins, calcium, iron, ung. Lifestyle contains potassium as it has a non-sticky, varicose glycemic index. Contains 52% fat. Cereals can help alleviate health problems such as acne, diabetes, * Proteins, complex carbohydrates, and antioxidants in rice. Being high, it contributes to bone strength.
Nutrition cereals:-
Picking up Nutrition Cereals Contrasts are very small in size. Over the past few years now many battles in technology have become available and our ancestors were crushing. This increases digestion. Agriculture and the food industry are the former glory of these cereals. Trying to bring. which is available in supermarkets in various forms. Job and employment opportunities for young people are available in the processing of a retired home economist. If value is added to these products then it will be more profitable.


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April 20, 2021

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