From Dosas to Brownies and Biryani, These 6 Restaurants Showcase How Versatile Millets Can Be

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Read the original article by Shivani Kagti in Bangalore Mirror

Millets on the menu Millets are high-fibre, high-protein super fooods packed with micronutrients. not only are they great for one’s healthy. they are sustainable crop consuming 70% less water than rice. While there are very few exclusive millet-based restaurents, BangaloreMirror found 6 six places where these ancient grains are part orf the menu.

Pure & Sure Organic Café

As a retail brand that stocks organic millets, Surya Shastry, managing director at Phalada, often has customers who are unsure of how to use millets. To tackle this problem, they’ve included a section in their menu promoting millet-based dishes at their newly-opened cafe.

Kaulige Millet Corner
Their menu rotates every fortnight but some of their staples include a lunch thali, bisi bele bath made with foxtail or proso millet and millet payasam

Cafe Natural
With 40 items made from foxtail, little, kodo and finger millets, variety is their USP. They have replace sugar with jaggery in their millet muffins, millet lassis, ragi-dry fruit milkshakes and other sweet treats.

Millet Mama
Their no-frills restaurant, which is decorated with eco-friendly, recycled materials, is known for its millet pizzas, millet dosa as well as rotis made with jowar, bajra and ragi.

Prem’s Grama Bhojanam
While living in Chennai, Smitha Yuvajith, one of the three co-founders of this rustic eatery, would eat thrice a week at the chennai outpost of prem’s Graama Bhojanam. They opened a outlet in bangalore and servev seven-eight varieties of millets in the form of paddus, dosas,idlis,rotis,pongal, curd rice, biryani and more.

Vaathsalya Millet Cafe

Founder Jyothi Madinur is known for her range of homemade millet snacks such as ghee ragi laddus, ghee bajra laddus, foxtail tambittu, popped ragi snacks, miillet brownies, jowar nippattu etc.


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October 14, 2019

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