First Food: Business of Taste

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Sunita Narain, Director General of CSE and editor of Down To Earth writes about the New Publication “First Food : Business of Taste”

The 2019 edition First Food: Business of Taste brings you the knowledge of livelihoods that connect to First Food. It is about the business that is invisible and the business that is nascent. But it is also about the business that must grow and take over our lives. We know this is possible.

Teff, a millet from Ethiopia which has tiny seeds (much like sikiya that we have talked about in the book), is gluten free and has cashed in on this attribute. In Ethiopia, teff is grown by an estimated 6.3 million farmers and is grown over 20 per cent of all cultivated land. This seed is being called Ethiopia’s “second gift to the world”, after coffee. In London, 1 kg of teff flour is available for as much as £7. In Ethiopia, it is less than half a pound for the same weight.

There are examples within India too. Millets like ragi and brown top millet are showing up on our food market shelves. We are now consuming these because they are available. But this growth of good food has to be nurtured so that it becomes the flavour of our life.

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September 16, 2019

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