Farmers Advised To Venture Into Traditional High Value Crops

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Farmers in Kirinyaga have been advised to adopt new farming technologies as a way of coping with emerging weather changes.

The County Crop Development Officer (CCDO), Charles Waweru said the department has started a campaign to educate farmers on the need to diversify crop production.

Waweru said the campaign involves educating the farmers on the importance of planting traditional high value crops which are less susceptible to the weather changes being experienced in the region.

“Crops like Cassava, Sweet potatoes, Arrowroots, Millet and Sorghum are good for personal security as they do well in low potential areas and are not much affected by the changes of the weather,” he said.

He said such food crops provide good food security in times of failure of other high dependent crops like Maize.

“Water supply has been greatly affected by the prolonged dry spell and farmers have expressed fears that rice production will fall,” Waweru said.

He said the water levels in major rivers which supply the irrigation scheme with water have gone down, pointing to possible low rice harvests this season.


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October 1, 2019

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