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Read full article By Priyanka Pasupuleti @ Telangana Today Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Millet Express

Hyderabad: Millets are back. Once an indispensable ingredient and part of every Indian household menu, the millets were slowly fading into the oblivion with corn flakes, quinoa and other rice and wheat products taking up their place on breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. The script, however, is now being rewritten as millets make a comeback to the table in multiple new avatars, as new-age cereals, and even as millet biryanis.

Considered one of the best, humble yet tasty superfood available for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, the health quotient of millets was what drove two youngsters, Rakesh Godavarthi and Rajavarapu Venkatesh, to research more about the food we consume and its connection to healthy living.

“I should thank my grandparents who used to eat millets and made us understand their value. Millets are one of the best options that can make any person stay healthy. My grandparents told us the amazing benefits of millets at a very young age,” Rakesh said.

“We had always planned to do something different, which would also be helpful to the society. We are proud to say that we come from a farmer background which made us start something related to food. The best part is that we grow the millets in our own farms and cook them in our cloud kitchen. We started Millet Express in 2019 and it was a hit right from the beginning,” said Venkatesh, who is also a Business Development Manager at OYO.

Coming from a farmer’s background and knowing the value of millets made them stand apart from others. Millet Express has branches in Kondapur Madhapur, AS Rao Nagar and Banjara Hills.

“We have opened branches in different places and are trying to reach out to as many consumers as possible. Our motto is to supply healthy food all over. When people from different places come to eat our food, it gives us the best feeling ever,” Godavarthi Venkanna Babu said, who is also an Assistant Manager with Aarvee Associates.

Millet Express supplies different varieties of dishes, right from breakfast to dinner.
“We try to experiment with batters and give the best,” said Rakesh, who also looks after the marketing aspect for the brand.

“Though we are a cloud kitchen, people still come and try our meal sitting here in their car. Despite the pandemic effect on restaurants, we never lost hope. In fact, millets give more immunity and make people healthier. This thought alone helped us to stay positive. And it is working. As our concept was a hit, our clients keep getting back to us. And we make sure we take all precautions before preparing the food and serving,” he added.

Those who have switched to millets, are now asserting that millets are the new black for the fitness conscious.


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December 12, 2020

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