Delicacies made from organic millets a big hit in Pudukkottai this Diwali

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Even as top brands are vying with each other dishing out mouth-watering fare, a farmer run-store in Pudukkottai is pulling crowds ahead of Deepavali.

Pudugai Organics started three years ago, specialises on selling sweets and savouries made of organically grown Siru Thaniyam.

The Pudugai organics, a savory outlet has been witnessing high number of orders ahead of festival of lights. The unit Established by Pudukkottai Organic Farmers Producers Company Ltd (POFPCL) along with the help of Agri-marketing department,

Amongst several varieties in the market, their sweets and savouries stand apart as they are made only using millets (Siru Thaniyam) produced by organic farmers.

According to G Akhila Bharathi, CEO at POFPCL, all sweets and savouries are prepared with millets produced by the farmers registered with the company. Along with it, the sweets are made using Country sugar, and the savouries are roasted with ground-nut oil. There are also no preservatives and colouring agents to it

The outlet produces sweet and savouries in various products including Ragi and Kambu, and the products are made using seven major ingredients, Varagu, Thinai, Samai, Ragi, Kambu and Kuthirai vali. A total of 9 sweets and 16 varieties of savouries are made in the highest quality, claims Akhila.

The organics sell sweets including Ladoo, Athirisam and Manoharam, while savoury varieties include Murukku, Mixture, Sedai, Ribbon Pakoda and Sedai.

The store has also been receiving orders from the neighbouring states including to all south-Indian States along with Maharashtra and Delhi. The store is is currently producing 250 Kgs of sweets and more than 500 Kgs of savouries every day, said, A Adhappan, MD of POFPCL.

The customers who visit the outlet impressed with the taste and flavour of the items. A regular customer Raghavan a resident from Pudukkottai says “This gives us an opportunity to provide sweets and savouries to our children in the most healthiest form”.


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October 25, 2019

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