Bone Health: Rotis Made With Ragi And Bajra Can Strengthen Your Bones Too!

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Read full article by Somdatta Saha @ NDTV Food Photo Credit: Arundhati Sathe


  • Millets are loaded with protein, dietary fibre, vitamins etc.
  • Millet-rich diet promotes weight loss.
  • Replace regular roti with ragi and bajra roti for stronger bones

Ragi and bajra are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent inflammation and soothe joint and arthritis related pains.

With more and more people turning health conscious, millets are getting back in vogue in the world of gastronomy. Ask any fitness enthusiast, they will swear by this ancient grain for its rich nutrient-profile. In fact, millets like ragi (finger millet), bajra (pearl millet), buckwheat (kuttu ka atta) etc today hold a constant position in almost every kitchen pantry. These Indian grains are loaded with protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and several essential nutrients that do wonders for our overall health – weight loss being one of the major benefits. Millet is also enriched with good carbs and helps regulate digestion. Moreover, it keeps one full for long. These factors make ragi, bajra etc ideal to shed some extra kilos.

But did you know that these ancient grains have a positive effect on our bones too? Yes, ragi and bajra are loaded with several essential minerals – making these millets ideal to strengthen the bones and ward off several joint-related issues.


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January 5, 2021

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