6 Wonderful Benefits of Ragi: Why You Must Include Finger Millets in Your Menu?

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Ragi (Finger Millet) is a name we are very familiar with.  Ragi is cultivated all over India but is mostly grown in Karnataka. In Kerala, ragi is mostly fed to children.  But it is also great for adults.  Nutritious ragi can eliminate many physical problems.  Many dishes are prepared and used today with ragi.  Ragi is known by many names in different places.  Ragi is also known as ‘Panja pullu’ “Muthari’, etc. Now let’s see what are the nutritional benefits of ragi

Ragi contains more meat and minerals than any other grain.  In terms of amino acids, ragi is one of the most important starch products.  Ragi is an excellent remedy for anemia due to its high iron content.  Incorporating it into the diet can help increase the hemoglobin count.  Calcium and potassium levels are also high in this small grain.

Ragi is a grain with anti-diabetic, antioxidant and microbial properties.  So it contains a lot of dietary fiber.

Ragi is a grain that can prevent tumors and protect the body from narrowing of blood vessels.  As it is a low fat diet, babies can be fed ragi with their first meal after breastfeeding.

Adults can get rid of obesity by eating ragi, which is an amino acid called tryptophan. Feeling a full stomach as it is high in fiber helps to reduce food intake. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

As mentioned earlier, ragi contains calcium. It also contains Vitamin D which helps in strengthening the bones. If ragi is included in the diet regularly, it also strengthens the bones of adults.  The risk of bone fractures occurring in falls is also reduced.

Diets with ragi are very good for diabetics.  It has been found that eating ragi reduces diabetes because it contains polyphenols and fiber.  In addition to ragi,  barley is also good for diabetics.  Ragi is good not only for diabetes but also for cholesterol.  Some of the amino acids in it remove fat from the liver.

Eating ragi sprouts helps the body absorb some of its vitamin C and iron.  It gives ragi the ability to prevent anemia.  The fiber in ragi mentioned earlier is also good for preventing constipation.

Eating ragi is good for breastfeeding mother and baby.  The use of ragi helps to increase breast milk.  Iron, calcium, and potassium are essential for the growth of the baby.

Most ailments caused by stress can be cured by eating ragi.  Ragi is also good for muscle problems.  Drinks made with ragi are known as anti-aging drinks.  It contains collagen which helps in maintaining the youthfulness of the body.


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January 3, 2021

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