Finger millet

Loaded with iron, calcium and essential amino acids, it is good for all ages.

Controls body weight

Finger millet contains tryptophan, an amino acid that lowers appetite. Due to its high fiber content, it gets digested at a slower rate, keeping you fuller for longer periods.

Builds strong bone

It is rich in calcium which helps in strengthening bones.

Controls diabetes

It has a low glycemic index, helps in slowing down the digestion process, and ultimately controls blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Lowers blood cholesterol

Amino acids lecithin and methionine help to bring down cholesterol levels by eliminating excess fat from the liver. The amino acid threonine inhibits fat formation in the liver, reducing cholesterol levels.

Prevents anemia

Finger millet is a very good source of iron.

Helps fight anxiety, depression and insomnia.

The amino acid tryptophan acts as natural relaxant.

Nutritional Value

Protein (g)

Fibre (g)

Calcium (mg)

Iron (mg)

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