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Millesbury is a leading Natural Food Products Supplier. Millesbury offers millet cookies and traditional snacks along with multi-millet porridge mix (sattu), sprouted millet flakes and multi-millet flour along with other natural products. The brand strives to impact one million lives by transforming consumers unhealthy eating habits.


Millesbury brings to you a number of instant and easy to make recipes. 1. Millet lemon rice :  is one of the quickest and easy to prepare recipe, the combination of millets with lemon juice, curry leaves, peanuts and green chilly makes it a tangy, crunchy, light on tummy and a refreshing breakfast dish. 2. The millet Dosa is made using foxtail millets and urad dal. The presence of foxtail millets makes the dosa extra nutritious and the taste is just as delicious as a regular dosa. 3. Millet Upma made with foxtail millets, spices and mixed vegetables is a healthy, delicious, colourful and easy to prepare recipe which can be served in breakfast, lunch or even during dinner time.

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