6-63/1,Chilkur Balaji Temple Road,
Hyderabad, Himayatnagar( Chilkur,)
Telangana- 500075, India

Go Bhaarati is aventure spearheaded by Sridhar Iriventi and Sri Sudha. The idea behind the venture is from a simple idea to replace rice and sugar from the daily life to healthy alternatives. The venture has a successful setup at Hyderabad. The outlet located at Chilkuru serves millet-based breakfast and lunch.

S Sudha has been batting for a millet-based diet for few years. In the last eight months, however, she has taken a more direct approach by opening the Go Bhaarati Millet Restaurant to help people switch to millets from rice and wheat. It was a personal tragedy that made Sudha shift to a millets diet. Five years ago, Sudha lost her father to diabetes. A few months later , she learnt the benefits of millets and moved away from rice and wheat. . “After seeing the benefits personally, I decided to start a restaurant so that people can eat millet-based food,” says Sudha. She feels best to help people get on to millets bandwagon is to offer tasty food.

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