Early Foods
119, Lane 5, Lake View City
Wadegaon Shinde Road,
Lohegaon, Pune – 411047
Website : www.earlyfoods.com
Email : Shalini.santhosh@earlyfoods.com


Early Foods is amom-founded  premium organic food company that envisions to feed natural, fresh and chemical free food  for children.

Early Foods Founder, Shalini aim to re-introduce the traditional Indian foods for people at the most crucial stage of their lives – expecting mothers, breast-feeding mothers, infants and children. And hence, the 3 product range: Home-made organic baby food, Organic healthy snack for kids and Organic snack for new moms. One of their innovative product line includes millet-based teething snacks. 

Pune Mom’s Homemade Millet-Based Baby Food Now Gets Her Over 30,000 Orders a Month

Pune Mom’s Homemade Millet-Based Baby Food Now Gets Her Over 30,000 Orders a Month

The interesting thing about the millet porridge mixes is that they are prepared depending on the development stage of the child. The Stage 1 baby food millet porridges are for children between the ages of six to eight months and have varieties that mix finger millet (ragi) and carrot, rice and moong among others. While, Stage 2 mixes are for children aged above eight months and have mixes that incorporate ingredients like Finger millet (ragi), almond and dates.

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The company operates on two non-negotiable principles. The first is that every product will be made using ingredients that were once a part of traditional recipes from modest grandmothers’ kitchens across the country. That means, no refined flour, sugar or corn syrup, no processed sugar, no hydrogenated fats, no soda, baking powder or any raising agents, no artificial nutritional supplements like calcium, zinc, Vitamins A or B, no artificial flavours or preservatives. “We use 100 percent whole grain flour, cow butter, jaggery and dates as sweeteners and our good old millets, dry fruits & seeds to power up the nutrition value,” explains Shalini. The second guiding principle is that all food has to be fresh, not something on the retail shelf made five or six months ago. “Today, the e-commerce model has made it possible to deliver freshly-made porridge mixes and cookies to customers in three to five days once the order is placed. In the retail stores, where we do get some shelf space, we strictly mandate the retailer to remove products older than three weeks.”

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How to make Finger Millet milk – by Shalini, Founder, Early Foods