Bewust Foods
E 39 Gandhi Colony,
Bikaner, 334001,
Rajasthan, India

Bewust is a Dutch word means Conscious. Founded by three women – Tanu Shree Singh, Reema Rathore and Sonia Grover – practicing dietetics and nutrition research in Rajasthan. Bewust foods specializes in 100% millet and sorghum cookies. Their fresh bakes range including Pearl millet brownie, muffins and tutti fruity cake are available in selected cities in the state of Rajasthan. Bewust foods procure their millets and sorghum direct from farmers. 


Recognized by the Government of Rajasthan, BewustFoods is currently incubated in National Institute of Agricultural Marketing and opened a store in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Serving customers ranging from people in their early thirties to early fifties, Bewust stands as the only go-to store with options for gluten sensitive children. “Very rarely does any company make millet cookies without mixing wheat or any supporting ingredients, we did that.We never wanted our product to become just another industrial packed food item; therefore we don’t use industrial fats, sugar syrups, chemical preservatives or any possible toxic agents. But taste is our hero, because mere nutrient density would not be given a second chance.” says Tanu Shree Singh.

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