Millennova Foods Private Ltd.
2-65/AA/912, Khajaguda, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad-500 008

Millennova Foods aims to revolutionise the snack industry with convenient, healthy & nutritiously ready to eat bites with the goodness of millets flavoured using fruits and vegetables. Their snack product is transfat free and gluten-free with no added additives or preservatives, making it ideal for all age groups. Millennova Snacks provide 20% recommended daily nutrition intake, 13gms of Protein |75mg of Calcium | 5mg of Iron | 3gms of Fibre. Co-founder, Sowmya M, a Food Technologist & Nutritionist have formulated millenova products using sustainable alternatives that give high amount of nutritional values.

Millets are an incredible source of nutrition to our body. Ideally, 100gm serving of millet contains:

378 calories of Energy, 4.2g of Total Fat out of which Saturated Fat is 0.7g, Total Carbohydrate content is 73g, Dietary Fiber is 8.5g, Protein content is 11g, Riboflavin is 0.290 mg, Vitamin B6 is 0.384 mg, Vitamin E is 0.05 mg, Tocopherol alpha is 0.05 mg, Vitamin K is 0.9 mcg, Calcium is 1%, Iron content is 17%, Copper is 38%, Magnesium is 28%, Manganese is 82%, Phosphorus is 28%, Potassium is 4%, Selenium is 4%, Zinc is 11%. In addition to this, it is also rich in several B-vitamins and dietary minerals, especially, Manganese. No matter how complete our macro & micro nutrients are, it won’t be very useful if the body won’t be able to absorb and actually use it. Lime is the solution. It is a citrus fruit which acts as a natural preservative that helps macro & micro nutrients get absorbed in our body. And hence, Millennova snacks are produced by combining Millets with Beetroot, Pulses and Lime to have multi-benefits to our bodies.

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