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Earthspired is a brand under Mrida Greens & Development Pvt. Ltd. Earthspired strives to help more farmers create the means for sustainable livelihoods. The brand offers new-age products revived from the traditional grains, millets and amaranth for the fast moving consumer generation. They offer a range of gluten-free millet flour, gluten-free cookies and ready-to-eat premix.

Mrida, in Sanskrit means ‘Soil’, is a social business venture committed to upliftment of marginalized and underserved rural communities at the Base of the Pyramid, has formally launched its FMCG brand Earthspired. Earthspired is envisioned as a Health and Wellness Initiative. It will be a healthy, wholesome and straight from Rural India. Through Earthspired, Mrida seeks to build distribution channels for products such as millet based ground flour (‘atta’), cake mixes, cookies, healthy snacks and other similar products offering health benefits to the end user.

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Through Earthspired, Mrida empowers farmers and rural artisans to create a self-reliant, progressive and sustainable economy. Earthspired seeks to link small and marginal farmers and village folk with consumers in a manner that enables sustainable livelihoods, income enhancement and social upliftment. The Earthspired brand currently covers a range of highly nutritious millet and amaranth based mixed flours, cookies and snacks marketed through niche channels and on-line.

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Mrida is all about business models for transforming lives, and Earthspired is an offering that fits well into the core philosophy and contributes to the larger Mrida story”, says Arun Nagpal, cofounder, Mrida Group. “Through Earthspired, Mrida also empowers rural farmers and village folk to create a self-reliant, progressive and sustainable economy”, he adds.

Earthspired will focus on more Millets and therefore ‘More Health’. Millets have long been recognized as magic seeds. These highly nutritious grains with short growing periods under moderate and high temperature conditions are suitable for growing in local soils. They require less water and are hence also more environment friendly.

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Earthspired team, along with Lady IrwinCollege, worked with students who have been trained in nutrition and food sciences to explore the possibilities of making these grains accessible to every household. “The joint agenda at Lady Irwin College was to equip the new generation of nutritionists and food scientists with the knowledge of traditional grains that can be sourced locally, that have existed in our culture for centuries, and to bring into focus staple foods that have been forgotten to the popularity of wheat and rice,” says Mr. Arun Nagpal, Co-Founder & CEO, Mrida Group.

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In 2018, Mrida has signed an MoU with FreeFrom Hungary Ltd (FFH), a Hungary based producer of Glulu’s FreeFrom biscuits and snack products. The joint venture will have Mrida and FFH working together for R&D to prepare a new range of Free From cookies with a focus on Gluten-q-free, Dairy free, Egg-free and Sugar-free products, from different kind of millets, amaranth & Pre-mixes.

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