Pearl Millet as Feed 

Pearl millet has multiple uses in the dryland regions where cultivation of other crops are limited. Pearl millet grain is suitable as poultry feed and can significantly bring down the cost of the feed. Several research studies have proved that pearl millet can be substituted for corn in feed formulations.  

Pearl Millet also offers dry-season forage. Some dual purpose varieties can provide both grain and high quality forage. Some hybrids of napier grass and pearl millet is a perennial forage crop. ICRISAT and ILRI tested six dual purpose varieties of pearl millet and growth performance of sheep fed their residues in Niger and the study proved that the stover of the dual purpose varieties are of better quality compared to local varieties.  

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Pearl Millet in Brewing 

Similar to sorghum, pearl millet has also been traditionally brewed to produce alcoholic beverages in Africa. “Uphutsu” in Mozambique and “Oyokpo”, a brew from Nigeria are some examples of traditional alcoholic beer brewed from pearl millet. In India, the craft brewery, Great State Ale Works produce millet ale with 56% pearl millet. 

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