Weaning Food

Finger millet is a popular weaning food. Porridge made from sprouted and malted finger millet flour has been traditionally used as a weaning food from 6 months of age. It is ideal as baby food because of its high-level of calcium and protein. In India, organic finger millet flour and ready-to-eat finger millet blends are commonly available in the market for preparing baby food.

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Finger millet grains are used primarily in the production of traditional alcoholic beverages in India and Africa. Some of the local brews which uses finger millet as the raw material are listed below:  

Chikokivana Finger-millet based alcoholic beverage made in Zimbabwe
Doro  A colloidal, thick, alcoholic drink made from finger millet in Zimbabwe
Merissa A popular finger millet based alcoholic drink in Sudan
Chaang A traditional alcoholic-beverage prepared from finger millet and consumed widely in Nepal and North Eastern India.
Pombe Traditional beer produced from finger millet in Tanzania 
Jand A traditional alcoholic beverage in Nepal prepared by fermenting Finger Millet
MbegeProduced with banana juice and finger millet in northern Tanzania
CipumuAn alcoholic beverage produced from finger millet by members of the Bemba ethnic group in northeastern Zambia
Kimpumu An alcoholic beverage produced from finger millet in southern Tanzania

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