Malvalli, Kundur Post, Taluk,

Malavalli, Karnataka 571430

OrgTree, pioneering farmerpreneur movement, is a food production company making millet based snacks. The comonay’s mission is to make good and healthy millet food available for everyone.The company was founded in 2014, the company has a manufacturing facility in Thenkahalli, Malavalli in Mandya district, Karnataka, India, with corporate office in Bangalore.

With the idea of providing healthy food made from locally sourced millet direct from the farmers, OrgTree follows sustainability to the core in all its endeavours. Orgtree with Kiru millet snacks envisions to create healthy snacking habits among its consumers. Creating awareness on consuming millet as a staple food and including it as a part of the daily dietary habits is one of our objective.

Orgtree, which focuses on millets and millet-based products, is a farmer-centric, sustainability driven social enterprise. “The snack market in India is filled with gluten-based products which are known for their negative impact on health. In fact, millets are increasingly gaining prominence even in Western markets as the world is now reeling under the impact of lifestyle diseases largely caused by unhealthy food. We want to revolutionise the snack market in India by putting health first.”Millets on the other hand, are alkaline, gluten-free and a naturally rich source of nutrients, including antioxidants.

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Mr. Basavanna, a mechanical engineer who has worked on climate change and global warming projects for the World Bank, co-founded OrgTree along with technology entrepreneur Chandrashekhar B. last year. The duo has set up a small factory in Thenkahalli village in Karnataka, about 100 km away from Bengaluru.

“I hail from the village and wanted to do something for it,” said Mr. Basavanna. He works with around 50 farmer families who grow millets in the region and later bake them in the factory.

The company even inscribes the names of the farmers and the villages where the millets have been grown, on the brown paper boxes containing ‘Kiru’ cookies.

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