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Hapup is a brand built with and focused solely on nutrition. The firm believes that every child deserves a healthy and balanced diet and aims to promote this through their multi-millet Nutri mixes. Based on the wisdom of traditional Indian recipes, Hapup is made with locally sourced regional ingredients, power packed with whole grains millets without any chemical preservatives, sugars or salt.


Hapup is a Hyderabad-based startup that specialises in nutritious multi millet mixes. From 6-month-old infants to adults, these mixes can be consumed by anyone. The fact that all the products at Hapup are homemade and handmade makes it awesome.

At the moment, Hapup has three mixes — Super Nutri Mix, Sprouted Nutri Mix, and Sprouted Ragi Mix. These are homemade by implementing old-time and enduring methods like sprouting, sun drying, and stone grinding.

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