Smart Food is funded through an Endowment Fund kindly established by the ICRISAT Governing Board. It also looks for project funding and greatly appreciates the time of many volunteers who believe in the cause.

We invite you to partner on this cause. Contact: Executive Director, Joanna Kane-Potaka,

The Smart Food Endowment Fund ensures the long term commitment to the Smart Food initiative, with only the earnings on the investment being available for spending.

The Fund was established through the kind approval of the ICRISAT Governing Board, committing the initial USD 2 million. Sehgal Foundation has also joined with ICRISAT, contributing USD 6 million.

The Fund largely supports special priority initiatives as well as the base marketing material for Smart Food.

You are welcomed to be part of the change through investment in the Fund. A one off contribution provides a long term investment. We welcome you to join. If you are excited about one particular part of the Smart Food activities or countries, the investment can be allocated to this. Your contributions will also be identified and recognition given

Sehgal Foundation and Smart Food align to intensify efforts

Sehgal Foundation is aligning some big initiatives with the Smart Food Endowment Fund to help create a bigger movement. This will bring more attention to Smart Foods like millet, sorghum and grain legumes.

Sehgal Foundation started 20 years ago, and its current mantra “Together we empower rural India,” will further be enforced with this new partnership. Dr Surinder (Suri) M Sehgal, Founder with his wife Edda and Chair of the Sehgal Foundation Board of Trustees, highlighted that “Through collaborations we can do more and bring more attention to the needs of smallholder farmers and make agriculture more profitable and desirable to grow foods that are more nutritious and more suitable to the drier tougher regions.” Read more