Fructus Terra translates to ‘The Fruits of Mother Earth. Fructus Terra manufacturers certified Organic Food products which can be consumed by individuals ranging from infants to Adults. Founded by Ms. Rupali M., the brand provides finger millet based instant cereal mix for infants and sprouted finger millet flour for adults. The brand won a runner-up title for best healthy food brand in 2019 by Kids Stop Press (KSP). 

We found that ‘Nagli’ as referred to by the locals, which we know as Ragi – Finger Millet was widely used in the rural areas of India and the urbanities were completely missing out on the benefits of it. It is a rich source of essential nutrients and fibre. It is a wonder grain which had to be brought into the limelight of Indian dietary habits. We started our product line with a mix of traditional offerings such as Sprouted Ragi Sattva, Sprouted Wheat Mix and Rice and Moong-dal Mix for babies. We have also introduced Sprouted Ragi Flour which is catered towards all ages” says Rupali, Founder, Fructus Terra

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