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FoodShaala provide access to affordable healthy food to children in low-income communities through community kitchens. They also spread awareness on health and nutrition to enable people to make healthier choices. Currently, they operate their kitchen in Nathupur village, Gurugram.


The founder Raadhika set on a journey to understand and find solutions to the problem of food and nutrition security. She decided to work towards sustainable solutions to empower communities to be able to choose and consume healthy food.

Co founder Amit has personally witnessed the consequences of poor food choices on people around him.   Through Foodshaala, he is moving towards his vision of enabling access and knowledge on healthy food to everyone.

Foodshaala is Setting up kitchens to prepare and provide meals at low cost, run and managed with involvement and support of the local community

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Although much needs to be done, some state governments have been actively promoting the production and consumption of millets. Karnataka has been distributing millets as part of PDS. Recently, it also piloted the introduction of millets in mid-day meals for school children. Odisha is also taking steps towards inclusion of millets in ICDS and PDS under its Odisha Millets Mission. Recently, in July 2020, Keonjhar district in Odisha launched ragi laddoos to be provided to children as morning snacks under ICDS.

These small steps can go a long way towards mainstreaming millets. With their health, agricultural and environmental benefits, millets offer a promising solution for both food and nutrition security in India. Despite the reduction in production of millets over the years, India is still the largest producer of millets in the world. India must take advantage of the ongoing momentum towards millets, and strive to become the millet capital of the world both in terms of production and consumption.

Read the article by Raadhika Gupta, co-founder of Foodshaala Foundation