Aims of the Smart Food initiative

The Smart Food initiative aims to bring Smart Food into the mainstream. The initial focus is on millets and sorghum and then grain legumes.

Some key steps include:

1) Creating the Smart Food concept and messaging achieved through:

  • Scientifically backed information on Smart Food
  • Base marketing strategy and material
  • Classification and accreditation of Smart Food.

2) Creating a demand pull with consumers for Smart Food by:

  • Undertaking a viral campaign
  • Facilitating processing of modern convenience products with Smart Food
  • Facilitating engagement with the health, food service and media industries.

3) Ensuring that smallholder farmers and rural communities in Asia and Africa benefit by:

  • Providing on-farm support
  • Connecting farmers to value chains
  • Linking Smart Food with health activities on the ground
  • Advocacy for policy support, research and development.

We will work across Africa and Asia to ensure small holder farmers benefit and rural communities are pulled out of poverty and malnutrition.

We will work globally to open markets for Smart Food and promote healthier and sustainable diets.

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Address: ICRISAT, Hosted by World Agroforestry Center, Off UN Avenue, Gigiri, Nairobi
Phone: +254 722 4110

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